At this moment there are eight members of the ‘Hands Across Borders’ team:

Foto Ton Schreuders

Ton Schreuders

Ton A.R. Schreuders, physio and hand therapist (CHT-NL, PhD), has worked for 7 years in Thailand at the McKean Rehabilitation Center (leprosy work) and after returning to the Netherlands worked at the Erasmus University Rehabilitation department. He is coordinator of a hand therapy course since 1999 and is still doing clinical work at one of the Hand & Wrist Centers. He has travelled to Nepal, India and Myanmar for Hands Across Borders. 

Foto Marjolein Wind

Marjolein Wind

Marjolein Wind MSc, occupational and hand therapist (CHT-NL), has about 20 years of working experience in hand therapy in hospital settings and as an owner of a hand therapy practice in Amsterdam. She is currently working in the Hand & Wrist Center in Amsterdam. She has a passion for traveling, exploring other countries and learning about different cultures. The aim of Hands Across Borders to share knowledge without benefits suits her way of living.

Foto Wim Brandsma

Wim Brandsma

Wim Brandsma PhD, hand therapist (semi-retired), is founding member and honorary member of the Dutch Hand Therapy Society, and also founding member of Hands Across Borders. Working experience in the USA, two African and two Asian countries.

Wim Theuvenet

Wim Theuvenet, plastic and hand surgeon (European Board Certified), has specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery at the University Hospital of Nijmegen. Since 1987 till this day he is a Senior Consultant for the Leprosy Mission International (TLM) and the Netherlands Leprosy Relief Association (NLR). He is supervising a great number of Leprosy and General Reconstructive Surgery Training programs in 13 countries in Asia, Africa and South America. In these courses interested National Doctors are trained in a “hands-on” way in reconstructive surgery technique. He finds being involved in these training programs a wonderful learning experience. And an effective tool to further upgrade local clinical patient care!

He is looking forward to be of assistance to you!

Foto Lise Brandsma

Lise Brandsma

Lise Brandsma, occupational and hand therapist, has worked in different work settings and has a passion for working with clients with chronic pain and chronic conditions where the mind and body connect. She joined Hands Across Borders because she supports sharing knowledge and building bridges without monetary aim and with honest intention and commitment.

Rozemarijn Moet

Rozemarijn Moet, occupational and hand therapist, has worked in hand therapy since 2008. She is currently working in the Hand & Wrist Centre in Gouda. 

Inequity in healthcare is something she feels strongly about. She joined the Hands Across Borders Team in the conviction that sharing knowledge is one little step in battling inequity, both in healthcare as in the access to continued professional education.

Dominique ten Dam

Occupational and handtherapist with over 30 years experience in various healthcare organisations. Currently I am working at Handtherapienet.nl, and working in close collaboration with plastic surgeons, orthopedists, trauma surgeons and rehabilitation physicians.

Our hands are complex instruments. A small disruption or disturbance in these instruments can have a great impact on daily activities with significant consequences for people in LMIC.

I gladly aim to put my knowledge and expertise to use and share with local therapist in LMIC. To this end, I want to connect to already existing local networks and the questions and challenges they have, to provide tailormade education and training to enhance the quality of care, to raise their level of knowledge and expertise and hopefully to contribute to their fulfillment and joy in working as a therapist. Helping them raise their level may also help them improve their professional recognition and position and thus improve communication and collaboration between therapists and physicians.