Projects of Hands Across Borders

In the last years we have had many interactions with our handtherapists in different countries. Some of the stories we’d like to share with you here.

For example the new webinars that we are giving now, because of the Covid-19 virus which prevents us to visit our colleagues abroad.

Introduction to HAB Webinars

A little introduction into HAB webinars: Before COVID-19 started we held a discussion in our HAB meeting in October 2019 about how we could share knowledge without physically having to travel to different countries.

A little peak at the third HAB Webinar 

If you want to see a little snippet form our third HAB Webinar, check out our facebook page.

Skype meetings with the HAB crew

The HAB ‘crew’ still going strong and having fun during their Skype sessions making plans for organizing webinars & expanding cooperation worldwide.

Myanmar, january 2017

Myanmar has a population of 51 million with Mandalay accommodates around 1.2 million inhabitants. An estimated 200 physiotherapists are working in Myanmar and no Occupational Therapists.

Myanmar, january 2016

In general the need for developing skills and knowledge for therapists is high. The surgeons are well trained and up to date with current surgical techniques and post-operative treatment regimens while the therapists sometimes have insufficient knowledge and experience to deal with the variety and number of patients.

India, november 2015

Hands across Borders was invited by the principal of the JPP College Mysore by Dr Kavitha Raja to conduct a workshop on the rehabilitation of the hand.

Nepal, november 2015

On the 15th of November the first meeting took place between the staff of Nepal Cleft and Burn Centre (Kirtipur Hospital) and us.

Nepal, november 2014

Early in 2014 Hands Across Borders (HAB) plans were made for a fourth visit to Nepal. For this project three new therapists were available.