A little introduction into HAB webinars: Before COVID-19 started we held a discussion in our HAB meeting in October 2019 about how we could share knowledge without physically having to travel to different countries. Some of the ideas were starting a YouTube channel or webinars. Little did we know that in a couple months’ time due to COVID-19 webinars and ZOOM meetings would become the norm. The webinars we are going to give are for all who work with hand related issues (hand trauma, CP, etc.) including plastic surgeons, (hand)therapists and those who have a keen interest in developing skills and knowledge. Our aim is to give webinars on subjects and case studies which have been submitted by the countries involved. We want to assist in expanding knowledge with the different countries Hands Across Borders has already had projects within the past and are developing connections with other countries. In the past two months Hands Across Borders (HAB) has had two trial webinars with Nepal and Ethiopia. We started with the fundamentals of hand therapy: the anatomy. The feedback we have received has been very positive and we are working on a format in which we can educate on a regular basis. To continue the success of the first ‘trial’ webinars we are working on building a database of motivated teachers, therapists etc. We are therefore making an appeal. If you are an (experienced) plastic hand surgeon, hand therapist or other related profession to hand rehabilitation and would like to join Hands Across Borders in giving webinars in the English language, please contact us!

If you would like to join our database please send us en email with the following details: Name: Profession: plastic surgeon, hand therapist (OT or PT) or other, Contact details: e-mail, telephone, etc… Work setting: Experience: Presentation topics that you would like to share:

Please send your information to the following email address: habwebinars@gmail.com or via PM in Facebook messenger and we will contact you when there is a call for your enthusiastic expertise. If there are any remarks or suggestions feel free to contact us at habwebinars@gmail.com.

Introduction to HAB Webinars